Tuesday, May 3, 2011

中国城 China Town

中国城 China Town

 中国城坐落在Manukau 区的最为繁忙的Ti Rakau Drive上,总占地面积将近7000平米,由近200家室内商家组成,拥有由30多家以饮食为主的铺位构成的亚洲美食一条街,还有不同规模的进出口公司,免税店,旅行社等等,涉及100多个不同商业领域,此外还有中医中药展示,茶艺表演,不定期的中华文化表演,中文学校等。同时还有超过350个停车位环绕主体建筑的四周。中国城除了先进的商业运营方式以外的另一大亮点就是对中华文化生动的诠释,旨在用文化的力量去影响和改变社会,经本国著名经济分析公司Property Economics实地考察/评估过后,预计未来中国城除了年营业额可以达到$4,000--$5,000万以外,它必将成为奥克兰继Sky Tower后又一标志性建筑,成为奥克兰乃至整个新西兰各个族群游览观光的一大民俗、人文景点。

About China Town
Situated on the busiest road of Manukau, Ti Rakau Drive, with a total area of nearly 7,000m2, the vision for Chinatown will include nearly 160 businesses. The location is indoors and the project has great diversity. There is an Asian gourmet street comprising more than 30 restaurant and fresh food and drink stalls, fashion stalls, electronics, health and well being and general merchandise stalls. There will also be import and export companies of various sizes, duty free shops, travel agencies and a wide variety of other business fields. Special features include traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacy exhibitions, tea ceremony performances, non-scheduled Chinese cultural performances, schools of Chinese language, etc. The site includes over 350 parking spaces surrounding the main building structure. It is the strong belief of the Chinatown developers that the project is not only for modern business operations, but an opportunity to showcase Chinese culture which can have a profound influence on better cultural understanding.
Well regarded economic analyst company Property Economics, predicts that Chinatown has an achievable future annual turnover of 40 million to 50 million dollars. Chinatown will definitely become another landmark in Auckland after Sky Tower and a new cultural hot spot for travellers, sightseers and ethic groups visiting Auckland and the country.

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