Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Additional Homework up to (Tuesday) 22 Feb 2011 Week4 Term1 2011

Additional Homework up to (Tuesday) 22 Feb 2011 Week4 Term1 2011
chinese new year power point
homework for Term 1 Week 1 the google translate work and my work
Chinese term1 week1 (Thursday) 3 Feb
Chinese term1 week1 (wed) 2 Feb
my chinese presentation thing
chinese home work - Google translation English to Chinese (Simplified) translation 我的名字是
Shanghai City Homework
Chinese Calligraphy
creating a wallpaper for your name
Calligraphyhttps://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=fe3bd17ddb&view=att&th=12e4736c6b... - This is my SISTERS chinese name because i could not find my own name
Chinese Word Animations - Mr Yen- I learnt the origin of a few chinese words on youtube. Name painting
Additional Home Work - Additional Home Work 1. Major Cities in China 2. Chinese Empires – Chinese History 3. Get
Chinese Homework Unit 1.2
Chinese Name Painting. - 你好, YEN老师. 这是我用http://www.chinese-tools.com/tools/name-painting.html 做的
Chinese name. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGf6thE1yCQFeb 20
Kimberley LengKimberley Leng- 9SA- Unit 1.2 HelloFeb 19
questions about china
Chinese character animation - this is my Chinese character animation sites from You Tube
calligraphy and homework table - Dear Mr Yen this is my Chinese calligraphy and the 1st two columns of the homework table Victoria Lockhartshanghai hwFeb 17
my chinese nameF
Classroom phrases
PG 4&5 and Calligraphy
Shanghai Information
"Chinese name painting" homework - Dear Mr Yen Here is my Chinese name painting:
"Chinese Character animations" homework - Dear Mr Yen I have found some Chinese character animations from youtube. I am not sure if you can …
"Chinese Cities" homework - Dear Mr Yen Please look at my homework attachment.
calligraphy picture (magy) its the same pronouncation. -
Dear Mr Yen Please look at my homework attachment for week 3. Regards
These are my facts about Shanghai
Facts about china and china's cities
Chinese Homework - Hello Mr Yen! Here is my homework for unit 1.2 in the text book. Thanks! Sook MDBG type chinese - Hello Mr Yen, I practiced using MDBG-type chinese and typed up unit 1.2. Thanks, Angela
Class Room Phrases
chinese new year powerpoint
Chinese Hw (Introducing myself plus Chinese New Years)
term1 week2 classroom phrases
This is my homeworkFeb 7

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